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Glen Park, San Francisco, California, USA
Photo | Eric Laignel

This residence, in the heart of San Francisco, was designed to capture the views, bring in the daylight, and establish a sense of calm through simplicity and open space. Since the views progress from great to amazing as one moves up through the house, the main living space is at the top, which is the fourth floor. This space opens up on both ends – with the living room towards city views, on one side, and with the kitchen facing the terraced yard, on the other.

The third floor has the atelier, music room, and master suite. The second floor has a guest suite and the media lounge. The first floor has the two-story entry with a red pivot door that was manufactured in Italy.
Although the spectacular views are the main connection to the outside, the terraced yard is also meant to play a significant role in the experience of the house. It steps up through a series of board-formed concrete walls and is bordered with tall landscaping to privatize it. On the fourth and last level there is “The Cube”: a slightly rotated mirror cube, a mysterious and changing sculptural object that reflects the landscape, the sky and the view depending on your vantage point. It’s meant as an intimate place for ideation, conversations and contemplation.

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