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Our company was established in 1990 a few kilometers far from Venice. We are Italian and we love the beautiful and well-made things.
We are manufacturers of high-performance entry doors featuring a very big design component.
We know how to combine craftsmanship with perfect industrial organization.
That's why we're able to create highly customized entrances.
In fact, we do more than that, we often let the designers do the designing while we take care of the rest!
We like to bring our Made in Italy everywhere. We like to think that each conceived new as its own clear identity and is the result of a study and a project.
And at the same time, it takes with itself a distinctive sign, i.e. that of the entrance architectures by Oikos.

A history of over 30 years ..

Oikos safety doors are the result of more than thirty years of experience, innate craftsmanship skills, continuous technological research, careful design and the ability to select the countless materials that, once assembled, result in a durable, safe and reliable entrance door.
5 May 1990
Incorporation of Oikos Venezia srl
First participation in the most important sector trade fair: SAIE 2, today MADE Expo.
Break-in certification for Class 3 and 4.
Oikos is the first company producing safety doors to carry out tests for noise reduction.
New production plant in Gruaro (Venice).
ISO 9001
ISO 14001
Synua is created - the first safety door for large dimensions, with vertical pivoting system, and installation coplanar with the wall.
Synua Wall System is created - the integrated wall-safety door system.
Tekno (with hinges) is created - the front door for young and trendy environments by Adriani & Rossi.
Evolution is created - modern technology applied to traditional front door.
Synua Vela is created - the first sliding safety door The collaboration with the University Ca’ Foscari of Venice is started Expansion into foreign markets.
iDoor is created - the first safety door for interiors.
Honorable Mention "Compasso D’Oro" by ADI for Synua Vela Launch of the Legno Vivo line - a line of outdoor coverings developed for the safety doors Evolution and Tekno Exclusive preview of Tekno - the safety door with concealed hinges and EI90 fire resistance.
Launch of the collection Venezia Materia, finishes in concrete, brass, sawn oak, mosaics and enamels Inclusion of Tekno in the ADI Design Index.
Completion of the corporate Showroom Expansion of the production facility.
Maxi event at the Venetian Arsenal (Arsenale di Venezia) involving 800 architects and designers from all around the world New pay-off "Architetture d'ingresso" (Entrance Architectural Solutions) Launch of the international competition "Progetta la tua architettura d'ingresso" (Design your entrance architectural solution): the winning project will be exposed at Made Expo 2015.
Opening of the offices in Dubai and New York Participation in Made Expo with two new products: Evolution 3TT, first safety door with heat barrier frame, and Project, the safety leaf for interiors During Batimat in Paris, the new electronic Arckey lock is launched, which, controlled by smartphones, allows controlling accesses The collaboration with local schools continues with the involvement in the project "Impresa Formativa Simulata" (Simulation of a training company) as sponsor company.
Official partner of CasaClima with Evolution 3TT and participation in the CasaClima Tour throughout Italy Winner of the Best of Houzz 2016 award Participation in the FuoriSalone in Milan at Space&Interiors Participation in Maison&Objet Americas in Miami Beach. Oikos Convention with theatre performance about Ipswich case, the London museum.
Nova is conceived; the first fully glazed safety door is officially presented at BATIMAT in Paris. Oikos Workshop: Nova and Aluminum Window Frames Producers. Architect@work participation in Rome and Milan. "Carpenter Festival", Oikos celebrates Italian craftsmanship as a value to be preserved and handed down for a future of innovation. CasaClima official partner with Evolution 3TT and participation in the CasaClima Tour across Italy. Participation in the FuoriSalone in Milan at Space&Interiors
Extraordinary event at the Scuola Grande di San Rocco in Venice that hosted 1500 architects in two days. Among the guests of the two-day event there were the architect Stefano Boeri and the art critic Prof. Philippe Daverio. Launch of the new "No Limits Project 2018" reference magazine. CasaClima official partner with Evolution 3TT. Oikos is part of "Le Vie del Compasso D'Oro", an initiative promoted by ADI - Associazione per il Disegno Industriale (the Association for industrial drawing). Participation in Perspective Rome, London and New York. Oikos sponsor of IPAX - International Property Awards - in Bangkok, Dubai, London, Toronto. Nova is included in the Adi Design Index 2018.
Inauguration of the new Oikos showroom with the new NO LIMITS area. Explore. Believe. Create. Presentation of the collection "Tracce di design" (Design Traces) and of the claim of the year "With us you create your Made in Italy". Launch of Oikos Experience, the new format of company visits for new customers that offers them the opportunity to get to know the company in a whole new way. "A lezione d’opera" (Opera lessons) with tenor Miro Solman; a cultural seminar preparatory to the "Nabucco" opera by G. Verdi. Launch of the new Company Profile. Oikos participates for the first time in Cersaie in Bologna proposing innovative interpretations of entrance architectures. Launch of Synua 3TT with heat barrier frame.
Attendance to trade shows in the Mirzaam Gulf in Kuwait and to IDF in Oman. Realization of the most prestigious entrance architecture in history in Dubai: a Synua with SWS reaching 11 m of height, being fully automated and covered with backlit onyx. Oikos adheres to the OpificioQuerini project of the Querini Stampalia Foundation in Venice, which involves companies under the banner of Culture. We join the new Contract Hub of Made In Italy "Pianca&Partners" in a prestigious showroom in the heart of Milan. It adheres to "Le Vie del Compasso d'Oro" promoted by ADI. Launch of the new line of covering "The Natural Stone" that has natural stone as its protagonist.
Presentation of the new Oikos coordinated image. Realization of the new reference book l'atelier, the new photographic catalog l'archivio, and the technical manual l'arsenale. Introduction on the market of the new DAM KIT, an innovative system of very high performance draught excluder that keeps the design unchanged.

Internalized production

The production, featuring very high performance, is certified as Class 3 and 4 break-in, with sound, thermal, air, water and wind insulation. All production steps are carried out at our company, a strong point that allows us to create a unique design safety door, entirely Made in Italy.

Environmental protection and sustainability

The territory in which the company was established is the center of Oikos philosophy: the company has always believed that each business needs to have a social relevance in the environment in which it operates. Therefore, the company manufactures its safety doors paying a careful and rigorous attention to the entrepreneurial policy.

The protection of the surrounding environment takes place throughout the entire supply chain of the product: from the selection of raw materials to the logistics, according to the concepts of sustainability and environmental compatibility, and also through the full respect for people who work in the same, thanks to a peaceful corporate climate.

Respect for people

This results in continuous efforts to promote cultural, sports and local associations as well as non-work events, promoting ongoing training in the workplace. Moreover, for more than 10 years, the cooperation with the University Ca’ Foscari of Venice and with the University of Padua has been going on, with the aim of continuously improving the corporate performance, applying academic research to the operational reality.


All corporate decisions, from strategic to operational ones, are taken with the utmost attention to the concept of social responsibility and territorial protection; respect for people and the environment is a sign of a high ethical profile that the Oikos brand wants to embody, guaranteeing seriousness and responsibility.

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    Oikos doors bear the CE marking in accordance with European Regulations 14351-1 and EN 16034.


    DNV is the body that constantly verifies that the ISO 9001 quality system is applied at Oikos.


    Product certification. The external supervising body IFT controls and verifies occasionally the production phases and characteristics of the used materials.


    Oikos followed a rigorous bureaucratic certification process whose validity was recognized by the Florida Building Code, a State of Florida technical specification dedicated to the safety of buildings in the presence of weather events such as hurricanes and tornadoes

    Miami-Dade County

    Miami County agency that guarantees the suitability, according to strict quality standards of door resistance to extreme wind loads caused by hurricanes.

    UL - Underwriters Laboratories

    American Laboratory accredited for Fire Resistance Testing according to American Standards.

    EN 71-3

    EN 71-3 “Toy Safety”. Oikos uses water-based paints that do not release harmful substances along the time, protecting environment and people.

    Applus+ Certification

    Spanish laboratory recognized by UL to perform fire resistance tests according to strict American regulations.


    The Swiss agency VKF verifies that the products comply with the fire resistance characteristics required by the Swiss certification

    Istituto Giordano

    Certification Body recognized in Italy and internationally to issue certifications: intrusion detection, acoustics, air, water and wind, fire resistance, etc.


    Insulation and protection for extremely comfortable environments

    Doors that are fire resistant, waterproof and wind-resistant, that insulate the home from heat, cold and noise. security, acclimatization and silence: comfort is a precious value.

    To know the performance of our six product lines: Performance doors Oikos



    The ability to prevent the passage of sound through the door is measured in decibels

    Thermal Efficiency

    U indicates, (measured in W//m2k) ed the ability to prevent thermal exchange between two environments. (Optimal values are near 0).


    Permeability to air is measured in classes from 0 to 4, indicating the ability to prevent the passage of air.


    Water-tightness is measured in classes from 0 to 9, indicating the ability to prevent the passage of water.

    Wind Resistance

    Resistance to wind is measured in classes from 0 to 5, which indicate the mechanical resistance of the armour-plated door to gusts of wind.

    Resistance to fire

    Fireproof reference values are, EI 30, EI 60, EI 90, EI 120 Ul FD 120. They indicate the ability of the door to prevent the passage of flames, in relation to time, expressed in minutes.

    Break-In Resistance Class 3

    It is the ability to withstand break-in attempts measured by applying stresses with static and dynamic loads and simulating break-in attempts carried out with manual tools such as a crowbar, screwdrivers, pliers, etc. for a maximum test time duration of 20 minutes.

    break-in resistence

    Break-In Resistance Class 4

    This is the ability to withstand break-in attempts measured by applying stresses with static and dynamic loads and simulating break-in attempts carried out with manual and electric tools such as a hammer, chisel, ax, shear, electric drill, etc. for a maximum test time duration of 30 minutes.


    The ability to withstand impacts by simulating impacts caused by debris from a “Missile Test” hurricane, and violent, continuous extreme wind cycles.


    With us you create your own Made in Italy concept.

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