The idea becomes a project

  1. Imagine your entrance architecture.
  2. Our design department will take care of the entire implementation phase, from the contact with the suppliers to the resolution of technical aspect.
  3. Communicate your needs to our technical consultants, who will turn your idea into a concrete project..
  4. Production is carried out completely in-house. Our trusted partners, with our in-house technicians, will take care of the installation.

Customization is the watchword of Oikos front doors

The extreme freedom in the composition of Oikos doors allows creating a customized product, also non-standard or according to customer design, providing a unique solution of its kind.

A wide range of materials, finishes, colors and coverings provides for more customization opportunities. However, we are also able to realize safety doors proposing antique finished woods and metals to preserve the original appearance of the leaf.

A wide selection of materials makes your idea tangible and visible.

Exploring the world of materials means entering fully into its infinite possibilities: the naturalness of wood, the elegance of marble, the versatility of ceramics, the transparency of glass or the tactile effect of leather.

Different types, colors and materials become the protagonists of entrance architectures and, in their specificity, create a complete sensorial experience, visual and tactile at the same time.

Pre- and post-sales support

Our technical sales department is available to discuss the most particular needs of your project. We offer our technical know-how, we guarantee a feasibility study, proposing the best solution for your request.

We complete our support by giving the appropriate assistance also during installation, assembly and after-sales, important stages of the process managed directly or through our trusted partners.


We strongly believe that in order to propose ourselves as a partner of your project it is necessary to go beyond the experience, opening ourselves to new knowledge and frequent moments of meeting and updating.

That’s why we are often involved in continuous training cycles and we like to invite customers, designers and suppliers in moments of confrontation and mutual enrichment or to create specially designed events.


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