Arsenalità, a neologism that embraces the sense of craftsmanship and industry

As the extraordinary model of the ancient Arsenal of Venice teaches us, a work of art is the result of a perfect industrial organization combined with quality craftsmanship work.

The extreme capacity for customization involves a completely in-house processing of the product; it requires direct control over the production processes as well as a manual skill capable of making each creation unique but equally accurate in terms of execution, because it is the result of recognized industrial processes.


When crafts become industrial.
Metalworking and welding are tangible examples of how technology and craftsmanship can join cleverly creating a technically perfect product of noble quality.


The heart of craftsmanship experiences here its peak.
The covering panel is like a dress to wear.
We are tailors, who accurately take the measures, suggest and match fabrics creating the proper outfit for everyone.

Assembly: each door acquires its own identity

one by one, piece by piece.
As in the past, each component is assembled by hand, with care and attention to details, and thanks to the handling systems the heavy work is left to automation, while precision work is in the hands of skillful and competent craftsman.

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