Entrance Architecture International Contest “the Space beyond the Threshold”

Arch. Leopoldo Rosati
Private user
Partner tecnico
Oikos North America Corporation contract dept
Anno progetto
New York, Manhattan, Tribeca

SYNUA, Armoured Pivot Door

For the interior redevelopment of a historic building consisting of 7 flats and 3 suites, architect Leopoldo Rosati mixed elements of the area such as classic New York-style exposed brickwork with an extremely modern style. Past and present, history and modernity, preservation and avant-garde, opposites that also live and combine in this project.

For the entrances of each house, Synua was chosen in the smooth concrete and total white variants: the security entrance door for large dimensions, vertically pivoted and coplanar to the wall.

The project

In this historic building, a mixture of epochs, styles and needs characterise the spaces, making them liveable again, up-to-date but never deprived of their roots, on the contrary, charged with new, even deeper meanings. The residences presented are an expression of the adaptability and flexibility that architect Rosati manifests in his way of designing and constructively interacting with his clients.

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