Arch. Fernando Ponce de León
Private user
Partner tecnico
Corporación Ámbito
Anno progetto
Costa del Este, Panamá

The architect Fernando Ponce de León oversaw the renovation project of a private villa located in Costa del Este, in the state of Panama. What you notice immediately is the customer’s desire to emphasize the entrance area of the villa to make it immediately welcoming and habitable. The strategic choice fell on a vertical pivot safety door which, in this impressive installation, is inserted in a wide double-height boiserie, covered with a single monochromatic material. The architect wanted to adapt to the needs of architects and interior designers by solving any dimensional problem that could arise from the important verticality of the room, thanks to the inclusion of furnishing elements that integrate perfectly into an elegant and refined context becoming the protagonists and, at the same time, lightening and making all the spaces usable.

A lover of the Bauhaus style and Nordic and Japanese design, Ponce de León ensures that all his projects develop from reasoning: from negotiation with the customers, to the study of their needs and the project itself, from the proposal and analysis of the context to the development of the project with the slightest affinity and coherence from the largest to the smallest detail – this is what architecture does in all its facets.

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