Arch. Giovanna Mar
Life Srl
Partner tecnico
Oikos direct development
Anno progetto
Mestre, Venice, Italy
Anno completamento
Inpro engineering srl Gianni Rossato

Torre Eva is a building that aims at combining the architectural will of a transparent enclosure, functional to the maximization of the use of natural light, in a volume that develops in height, with the search for maximum energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. The result is a building with sophisticated technological and system solutions conceived and designed in an integrated way.
The building covers about 12,000 square meters on 14 levels, one of which is underground, completely glazed, articulated in four trapezoidal-shaped crystals developing around a deep 30-meter high well of light. It is destined to be used for offices and services, completing a complex of buildings arranged around a square overlooked by commercial, catering and leisure facilities.

The entrance to the tower seems a steep, slanting, full-height “cut” between the two pure volumes that form part of the building. The compression of the space, given by the sloping walls facing the entrance, leads the visitor clearly to the main entrance.
The choice of glass for the external enclosure and therefore of transparency, from the compositional point of view, is functional to the creation of a logic of strong contrast with the surrounding low dark-colored buildings, which intentionally visually form a compact black base, from which emerges a transparent building that with its lightness blends with the sky.

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