SYNUA 3TT, Pivoting Safety door with heat barrier

This exclusive private residence, located on the Posillipo Hill, one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Naples, was developed from a renovation project of a villa built in the 1970s. The Synua safety door, with its double side panel, provides natural lighting at the entrance to the villa and creates a welcoming and secure environment.

Architecte Alessandro Baccanico
Private user
Anno progetto
Posillipo, Napoli, Italia
Villa Privata

The projet

The villa is located in Posillipo, on a verdant hill overlooking the sea, in an elegant residential area that is among the most prestigious and scenic in Naples. It is the result of a renovation project conceived by Architect Alessandro Baccanico. The entrance plays a very important role: it holds within it the “jewels” of the family residing there. To fulfill this solemn task, a Synua 3TT with covering customized by the customer was chosen.

Arckey, technology supporting comfort

The Arckey technology via touch keypad was used for this extraordinary Synua door. Arckey is an access control system managed through the Oikos Tech App for smartphones, and equipped with an electronic opening system. A touch keypad was installed for the Posillipo project in order to perfectly match the design and elegance of the door.


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