Luxury entrance with Synua, the safety door with pivoting opening

Italy’s most charming luxury residence is known as “Casa F+T+3” and is located in Mogliano Veneto (TV), surrounded by a garden of more than 500 square meters.
The Synua design safety door fits into this context as an additional extremely precious architectural element.

Caprioglio Architects - Arch. Filippo Caprioglio
Private user
Anno progetto
Mogliano Veneto, Treviso, Italy
Anno completamento
Private Villa

Casa F+T+3

Casa F+T+3 is a private luxury villa located a few kilometers from Treviso.
The aim of the project is to suggest clean and contemporary lines and geometries. The ground-floor entrance gives access to the living area, which is spatially defined by the natural light that pervades its environment. From every point in the home, it is possible to admire the impressive infinity pool, which is also an architectural element. The project was carried out by the firm Caprioglio Architects, based in the province of Venice, and a Synua safety door with pivoting opening was used at the entrance.

Synua, a minimal and bright design

The pivoting safety door Synua is equipped with an opening/closing mechanism that allows the doors movement by means of a vertical pivot, i.e. two pins placed at the ends, which are adjustable and concealed. The door leaf, by turning on itself, allows a wider opening and greater brightness.


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