SYNUA, the design pivoting door

In the countryside of Ragusa, an area characterized by a high density of housing that contrasts quality of early 20th-century rural buildings with more recent constructions, the luxury villa Casa dell’Ulivo stands, an archetype of the philosophy based on the principle of urban architectural “redevelopment”.

MAx - Metabolic Architecture Workshop, arch. Antonio Stornello
Private user
Anno progetto
Frigintini, fraz. Modica, Ragusa, Italia
Anno completamento

The project

The project was designed by MAx – Metabolic Architecture Workshop, based in the province of Ragusa, the same location as the prestigious villa.

The customer goal was to keep the spirit of the place intact and restore the quality it had lost. The Palladian principle of the boundary villa is addressed and resolved differently. There are no main and secondary façades, only wings that frame the space, define and qualify it, creating new internal dimensions, in which light and contour become protagonists, and external dimensions. 

Synua Wall System, the system that brings scenic wall systems to life

The Synua pivoting safety door was installed flush with internal/external wall. The external Synua Wall System, with customer covering, is the ideal match between door and wall. Taking advantage of the coplanarity of the Oikos doors, it is possible to create walls that share the same aesthetic, resulting in scenic wall systems in both outdoor and indoor environments.


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