Armoured exterior door with Tekno

A well-kept project, in harmony with its surroundings and reinterpreted in a contemporary key by the Reisarchitettura architectural studio, sees the custom-designed armoured Tekno door  at its entrance, whose clean lines express all its essentiality.

Reisarchitettura | Paola Rebellato e Nicola Isetta Architetti Associati
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Ostuni, BR, Italy
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Photo | Alessandra Bello
Private Villa

Project in Ostuni

In the countryside of Ostuni, a hideaway immersed in the green, smart and connected, for work and relaxation. The house reinterprets in a contemporary way the traditional forms and materials of the Apulian rural architecture in order to blend into the landscape. Home automation technology allows a complete control via app on a smart device and optimizes the consumptions for total energy independence.
The project comes from the idea of a central patio, used since ancient times in the warm climate of the southern Mediterranean area as a passive protection from the sun. The house develops with a C-shape around the patio facing north, so as to protect the large windows from the strong Apulian sun and enjoy the best view. On the east side, there are the living area and a first atelier; in the middle the dining area with kitchen; while on the west side, there is the master bedroom with a second atelier.

The security door that allows a view of the interior

The essentiality of the Tekno entrance door is accompanied by the glass sidelight that allows light to enter the living area.
At the west end is a separate guest room with its own entrance and bathroom. To the north of the house, opposite the patio, the swimming pool with gazebo, services and sauna overlooks the countryside.
The finishing materials chosen are traditional Apulian materials made contemporary by the architectural detailing: dry stone and lime plaster for the walls, minimalist oak window and door frames, Apricena stone slabs for the floors. Inside, smooth cement flooring was chosen for the living area and wood for the sleeping area.

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