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Montecchio, Vicenza, Italy

The project took shape from the idea of de-structuring the concept of the patriarchal home. The house, originally a meeting place for all the families who were engaged in rural activities, today is a facility made up of three separate buildings that have in common an important “agora” where various activities can be carried out.

The materials used in the construction of the building are innovative and technological; the structure has a Casaclima Gold classification, able to ensure a high energy efficiency. From the visual point of view instead, the house is inspired by the local tradition; stone was used as the main element for interior and exterior walls combined with large glass surfaces to enjoy a 360° view.

The entrance to the facility is characterized by Nova, the pivoting door with glass elements creating bright, spacious and dynamic environments. Excellent thermal insulation performance coexist in a door that was launched on the market as a sensational revolution, capable of creating innovative scenarios in contemporary architecture. Nova becomes the conjunction point, almost invisible, between two worlds that do not exclude each other any longer, but rather coexist, bringing the landscape inside.

The architectural project was created by the international design firm P63 Design srl.



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