Sazarquitectos | Sebastián A. Zolecio, Alejandra Antonacci, Alejandro Ramos, Alejandro López, Francisco Antúnez
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La Zubia, Granada, Spain

A luxury residence located a few kilometers from the city of Granada developed according to the highest sustainability and technology criteria that can be noticed in every detail. The main aim of the owner was to have large, open and flexible spaces while always maintaining elegance and sobriety.
The house is a large volume consisting of voids and solids that modulate and compensate each other, recreating different atmospheres, yet always enriched with a high presence of natural light.
The living area in fact becomes a panoramic terrace overlooking the city thanks to the large windows that surround it and put it in direct connection with the space dedicated to the outdoor swimming pool.

Once again, the atmosphere of the interior spaces has light as the protagonist, together with a combination of materials that maintain a clear balance among them. The white finishes unify the spaces on the ground and first floors, while the staircase cores are designed to create a contrast with the brightness of the surrounding elements. The basement, with its indoor swimming pool, becomes the silent refuge of the residence, an intimate space covered with filtered natural light and the gentle sound of water as a background sound.

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