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SYNUA, Armoured Pivot Door 

A private residence, characterised by sharp contrasts of light and dark tones; even the choice of entrance is rational and elegantly simple: the choice fell on the Synua 3TT door equipped with pivoting opening, and coplanar with the wall in the version with heat barrier frame and leaf.

The project

A compact enclosure, showing different heights, consisting of regular grooves creating a geometric movement along the perimeter of the house. This is how this private residence presents itself, a rational volume in which balanced glass openings alternate with closures, placed in a sharp visual contrast according to deliberately light and dark tones.
A linear and functional design idea also in interior environments featuring clean and geometric shapes.


Black & White

The total white amplifies the brightness that already penetrates from the ceiling through an immense round hole, a sort of basin of natural light.
The entrance door is located in a wing of the house that occupies an entire wall and the dimensions are so important that, when opened, it looks like a real moving wall. The interior and exterior finishes of the entrance also follow the black and white principle, the leitmotif of the entire house.

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