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Photo | Eugeen Van Groeneweghe, Herman Van Hoey

The ambitious project involving Oikos Venezia, a leading company in the high-end safety door sector – which increasingly proves to be the first choice of internationally renowned architects and designers in the implementation of their projects – consisted in the supply and installation of nine Evolution safety doors along the entire perimeter of the historic Schouwbroek Castle in Belgium.

The complete reproduction of the original portal of the Castle with the total recovery of the gorgeous decorated glasses dating back to the XIV century was particularly fascinating

Oikos Venezia’s work to reproduce the original portal of the Castle was meticulous and extremely accurate, aimed at conveying to this historic residence the well-deserved safety and security without however compromising its appearance, which had to be kept faithful to the original while preserving intact the splendid stained glass windows and their magnificent figurative representation. A job that required a careful historical research, the study of colors, materials and finishes, as well as the ability to apply modern technologies to ancient materials, shapes and tastes.

A portal with impeccable aesthetic and dimensional characteristics, where consistency with the original portal and the context is guaranteed by Oikos quality, as well as with performance characteristics meeting the high standards of Evolution, the well-known safety door by Oikos that meets every request for customization, ensuring classic aesthetics combined with the highest performance. The original 14th century glass elements were kept, after careful cleaning and reinforcement activities, which involved the use of a double layer of armored glass; the structure, instead, – faithfully replicated in its shape – was replaced with a completely new one, able to guarantee the functions of a class 3 safety door.

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