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The most patent feature characterizing this luxury villa is undoubtedly the entrance space that appears in the main façade as the real protagonist of the scene: a Synua door with backlit onyx finish and matt black profiles and accessories. The entrance becomes the bright beacon of the house, marking the point of passage from the outside world, in the natural shades of the earth, to the interior one extremely luxurious and eye-catching.

The entrance door is equipped with an onyx covering panel switching-on mechanism that emphasizes the natural stone veins that appear as a vivid and flushing lunar surface. The entrance becomes to all intents and purposes a threshold to be crossed, from which one imagines a luminous world beyond it.
While entering, the guest is immediately welcomed into a spacious and sumptuous environment, characterized by marked chromatic contrasts, emphasized by prestigious materials and unexpected light sources that, together with the reflections generated by the glossy finishes, generate a widespread glossy atmosphere.

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