TEKNO, Armoured door with concealed hinges

The newly built complex is surrounded by nature and Tekno armoured doors peep out, providing a truly prestigious ambience.

Dennis Lau & Ng Chun Man Architects & Engineers
Kerry Properties
Partner tecnico
Porte Plus
Anno progetto
Beacon Hill, Hong Kong, HK

New luxury residential complex in Hong Kong

Mont Rouge is a luxury private residential complex set in a gem context that provides panoramic views, low population density and lush living. 5 villas, 14 houses and 2 residential towers designed by the international design firm DNL Architects with headquarters in Hong Kong.

The aim of the project was to recreate a reserved, livable environment inasmuch as possible in connection with nature. As a matter of fact, it stands outside the metropolitan center of Hong Kong, on the slopes of a green lung overlooking the skyline. The vegetation is an integral part of the development of the project and has the function of highlighting the privacy and well-being of the inhabitants.

Luxury design surrounded by nature

The profile of the residence appears to be a miniature city with the buildings designed at different heights characterised by geometric and rigorous lines that maintain the formal cleanliness of the entire complex. The entrances to the residential units retain the same geometric, linear and square shapes with well-designed details. It is the finish that imposes itself, a Laminam cor-ten rust porcelain stoneware that marks the access points, creating important openings, precursors of large and prestigious living spaces.

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