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SYNUA, Armoured Pivot Door with SYNUA WALL SYSTEM

Located in the vicinity of the Burj al Arab hotel, the villa was built in the heart of Palm Jumeirah, a luxurious artificial island facing Dubai. Warm colours, pure spaces and majestic proportions make this a magnificent villa, just waiting to be discovered.

The oversized entrance defines a clear demarcation between the interior and the exterior and, through the entrance door with Synua Wall System, welcomes the visitor into the living area and welcomes him.

Arch. Chakib Richani
Private user
Anno progetto
Palm Jumeirah, Dubai – UAE
Anno completamento

The project

With its beaches, its prestigious accommodation facilities, its opulent residential complexes, the island of Palm Jumeirah is washed by the waters of the Persian Gulf and enjoys a wide view of the city. It is 5 km long by as many miles across and is home to 1400 villas and some 2500 flats.

The villa, spread over two levels, is characterised by large windows that illuminate all the rooms of the house. On the upper floor, a cubic structure in natural marble emerges from the main block and rises like a tower, deconstructing the overall regularity of the building.

In this luxury villa, the entrance hall features the entirely custom-made Synua bi-folding security door, which, with a dramatic brushed oak panelling more than 7 metres high, creates a continuity with the outside environment.

Contemporaneity and majesty

In the garden, an elegant infinity pool runs the full length of the rear of the house, acting as a mirror for the luxurious interiors that overlook it. The main front of the villa, linear and uncluttered, extends along the green public avenue, alternating the rigour of the perimeter wall with the glass windows of the upper floor.

Symmetry, clean forms, fine details in an open context. This is the environment that, starting from classical architecture, the architect wants to create, giving life to pure spaces with majestic proportions that tend to be empty.

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