SYNUA, Armoured Pivot Door 

The external entrance to the villa is characterised by the opening of the large Synua clad in Absolute Black Laminam, which alternates perfectly with the transparency of the glazed surfaces.

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Savyon, Israel
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Modern architecture in Savyon

The one conceived for the villa in Savyon, Israel, is a modern architecture that extends on one level plus the basement and follows the “Ying and Yang” philosophical concept, the search for harmony balancing the inside and outside, the public and private spaces, which are interconnected by the dominant motif of water: a swimming pool flows in the lower courtyard and joins through a waterfall to another swimming pool. The boundaries between indoor and outdoor, between the house and the courtyard, are deliberately blurred in both the geometry and materiality; stone, wood and glass are used to define the various areas – stone paving in the public space and wooden floors in the private one and in the basement, as well as floating wooden stairs that descend to the lower level.


A dream villa

The entrance to the villa is positioned in the center, at the end of a stone corridor floating on a stretch of water. The opening of the large Synua door covered in absolute black Laminam unveils the immense living area, which through the large windows opens up the view over the fully exposed courtyard with the large swimming pool that flows towards the private grove and merges into it.
If the living area extends in all its magnificence and brightness along the glass facades, the sleeping area encloses its privacy inside a stone volume facing the inner courtyard.

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