Arch. Raffaele Manzo
Private user
Anno progetto
Sant’Antonio Abate, Naples
Anno completamento

A land on two levels and a volumetric pre-existence are the two key elements of the project of this single-family villa.
At street level, there was an agricultural building, a small-scale parallelepiped, to which the owners were affectionately linked. Hence the desire to preserve it and pass it on. The choice was to make it a single block, covered with large size porcelain gres slabs, cut horizontally from a white surface, which acts as a porch and, vertically, as a full-height entrance that admirably marks its access.
Through this volume acting as an antechamber, it is possible to reach the lower floor where the house develops in total symbiosis with the green area.

The passage from the upper to the lower floor, where large windows open onto a lush garden prevail, arouses a sensation of astonishing amazement that – from the designer point of view – represents the very essence of architecture making.
In the distance, the majestic Vesuvius, an icon of Naples, with its history of eruptions, long pauses and even violent revivals that have profoundly changed the original state of near and far places. This is the context in which this splendid villa is located: a land of fire, rich in value and beauty.

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