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Sant’Antonio Abate, Naples
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SYNUA & TEKNO, Armoured Design Doors

Oikos’ Architectural Entrance solutions, Synua and Tekno in this case, become prestigious notes in this private villa in Sant’Antonio Abate, for their refined and refined style. An interpretation of space marked by a full-height entrance, in full contrast with the external façade, whose soft colours of white allow the project to tell its full story.

The project

A plot of land on two levels and a volumetric pre-existence are the two key elements of the design of this single-family villa. At street level there was a farm building, a parallelepiped of modest dimensions, to which the owners were affectively attached. Hence the desire to preserve and pass on.

The choice was to make it a single block, clad with large porcelain stoneware slabs, cut horizontally by a white plane, which serves as a portico, and vertically by a full-height entrance hall that admirably marks the entrance.

Synua and Tekno in a private villa in Naples

The armoured doors Synua and Tekno by Oikos succeed in combining the requirements of quality, originality and design that are typical of this modern construction. Synua, the armoured swing door in opaque chalk-white glass, is ideal to make the living area more intimate and cosy, and at the same time more open and bright.

Another solution used is the armoured door with concealed hinges Tekno in lead grey brushed oak; it integrates high-end performance and fire resistance EI 90 or EI120. The setting for this splendid villa is a land of fire, rich in value and beauty.

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