TEKNO, Door with concealed hinges

A concentrate of innovation and technology such as the Tekno entrance door coordinates perfectly with a modern architectural project such as the Bosco Verticale.

Boeri Studio | Arch. Stefano Boeri, Arch. Gianandrea Barreca, Arch. Giovanni La Varra
HINES Italia Srl
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Milan, Italy
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The Project

The Bosco Verticale is a complex of two residential tower blocks designed by Boeri Studio located in Milan’s Centro Direzionale. The peculiarity of these buildings, both inaugurated in 2014, is the presence of more than two thousand tree essences, including shrubs and tall trees, distributed on the elevations.

This is an ambitious metropolitan reforestation project that through the vertical densification of greenery aims to increase plant and animal biodiversity in the Lombard capital, reducing urban sprawl and also contributing to the mitigation of the microclimate.

A sustainable residential building

In this building, in which numerous white lacquered Tekno doors with a stainless steel band have been inserted, Boeri came up with the idea of a tree-clad skyscraper in Dubai when he had the impression of wandering through a “mineral city, made up of dozens of new towers and skyscrapers, all clad in glass or ceramic, all reflecting sunlight and therefore generating heat in the air and especially on the ground inhabited by pedestrians”.

These were the factors that stimulated Boeri to design “two towers covered not with glass, but with leaves, with plants, with shrubs, with trees, with life”, promising at the same time a reduction in energy consumption thanks to the action of the vegetal screen. The Forest has been widely acclaimed, as attested by the various awards it has received and the conspicuous amount of scientific investigations, studies and documentaries it has been the subject of.

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