EVOLUTION, Armoured door with visible hinges 

Starting with the Evolution model, and after careful and painstaking work by carpenters, joiners, technicians and experts, Oikos contributed to the recreation of the Christchurch Mansion museum door.

The neo-Gothic style door was disassembled and transferred to Italy to be reproduced in all its true beauty. This was also possible thanks to the high level of customization offered by the Evolution door line, where classic aesthetics interpreted with wood, colours and refined workmanship dominate, and where the security door is available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Now the new door has been reinforced with custom-made armouring and is to all intents and purposes a security door.

Christchurch Mansion
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Bluebell Architectural & Design Products
Anno progetto
Ipswich, UK

The Project

In the East Anglia countryside, a striking red brick structure dominates the surrounding parkland. It is the Christchurch Mansion in Ipswich whose door has become the protagonist of a curious story. In the 1800s master carpenters and glaziers built a majestic doorway, a witness to the Victorian age and its cultural heritage. In 2011, thieves broke into the museum and to make the entire building safer and more secure, it was decided to build the portal from scratch, reinforcing it with steel security systems but the intention was to remain faithful to the original material and design.

Art and Technology

It was a unique project in which specialised craftsmen made the structure entirely by hand, reproducing even the original imperfections of the wood using innovative and state-of-the-art techniques. Thanks to this project, ancient and contemporary transcend time and space, craftsmanship and safety confirm their indissoluble bond, art and technology have become part of the same story.

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