PROJECT, The interior door with concealed hinges

A unique project, as is its host: Venice. A city with a thousand facets, full of peculiarities, but also critical at times, to such an extent that it represents a real challenge both for those who live there and for the professionals who work there. But once again, the know-how of the Oikos Venezia Team was able to conduct the intervention on an unmistakable piece of architecture overlooking the Grand Canal in an impeccable manner, installing 30 Tekno armoured doors, each customised and coordinated with the different styles and contexts.

Palazzina Grassi
Partner tecnico
Oikos direct development
Anno progetto
Venice, Italy
Contract, replacement of interior doors

The Project

In the heart of Venice, overlooking the Grand Canal, there is Palazzina Grassi, a prestigious 5-star hotel that combines classic architectural style with contemporary comfort, a cosmopolitan design with a touch of irreverence created by Philippe Starck.

Here, Oikos installed 30 Project internal doors, each customized in terms of size to adapt to the particular shape of the rooms. With its limited thickness, although it features the same performance values of the most imposing Oikos doors, the Project door is the “slim”, clean and essential safety door with no visible hinges or screws. The different materials and colors with which it can be coated, which can be coordinated with the profiles, make it versatile in different styles and contexts.


Project, the high-performance door

For the Venetian hotel, the client has chosen classic luxury doors with a fine glossy finish that perfectly matches the interior design of the entire structure, making the entrances to the rooms and suites quiet, safe and at the same time elegant.

Sound insulation and fire-barrier performance are in fact the primary requirements required for doors in contract constructions: Oikos guarantees them together with a high level of customization in terms of aesthetics, shape and size.
The intervention in the exclusive context of Palazzina Grassi represents a tangible example of how technological know-how and interior design needs can combine to one another harmoniously also in the hospitality sector.

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