Arch. Carlo Berarducci
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Kurz KG
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Regensburg, Germany
Anno completamento

The house is located within a UNESCO heritage site, it is a private urban residence, part of a continuous urban front in the heart of the medieval town of Regensburg, in Bavaria.
The new building is a private house with a strong contemporary character with open and bright interior spaces, high quality materials, advanced construction criteria and energy standards. The project meets the needs of both the city and those of the customers, maintaining a continuity in the main materials used and applying a contemporary lifestyle. All this led to neutral and bare facades but with the widest possible windows. Internally, a single “public living space” was the focus, with a living-dining area on the lower level and a fitness area with a swimming pool on the upper level.

The building guarantees high thermal resistance, with high performance windows and automated awnings. Lighting and heating systems throughout the house are managed via touch screens located on each floor.
Outside, ultra-thin crystal railings without handrails, windows with hidden invisible frames, mirrored windows reflecting the buildings on the street add an effect of abstraction and dematerialization without altering the continuity and character of the city, but at the same time revealing the contemporaneity and the uniqueness of the house as requested by the customers. The project was a finalist of the “World Architectural Festival” in Singapore in 2012.

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