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Lisbona, Portugal
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This charming and unique single house is located in an exclusive and delightful area near Lisbon.
The stunning, linear building covers an area of 800 sq. m; it requires minimum maintenance, thanks to the special external cladding, which guarantees effective protection against weather elements and UV radiation. The massive blind wall gives the monolithlike architectural complex a solid and distinctive look. Covered with approximately, two-meter long white panels, the huge wall has only two openings: the main entrance and a window complement the structure and, at the same time, create a feeling of anticipation for the interior hidden behind them.


The solid black of the openings sharply contrasts the blinding white external wall. The impenetrability of the structure, however, is illusory: in fact, obeying to the contrast leitmotif that governs the entire project, an enormous glass wall opens the back side of the house, capturing and reflecting the light from the outside world, letting in the colors of the surrounding nature, reverberating energy and vitality.

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