26 October

The natural stone was the main character of a stand that became a jewel

An indescribable visual impact, a strong emotion that elevates the thought to the beauty of nature and its rocks, to the consistence of matter which becomes shape in the hands of artists of all ages.

And at Cersaie we spoke of works of art, contemplating the effect of the installation hosted in Oikos stand.

It’s not only a door with its cladding, it’s not the wall of an exhibition environment but a living and wide space, an architectural project which filled with meaning and value the area that delimits the inside and the outside: the entrance area.

The green colour, in its multiple shades, radiated in all directions filling the air with life and colour. A natural green, full of veins, shadows and chromatic grain represented perfectly by Antolini natural stones. The Irish green marble by Antolini has expertly characterized Oikos exhibition spaces at Cersaie like the ceiling, the floor, the wall and the security door. A three meters Synua – provided with Arckey electronic lock and a polished iron long vertical handle realized ad hoc –  has masterfully become a precious gem as well as the whole visual context.

The top was reached by opening the vertical pivot door, when the eye was caught by the natural stone “Corteccia” by Antolini: the white, cream, orange and brown streaked shades of the Brazilian quartzite that covered the internal leaf, the ceiling, the floor and a part of the wall, created a wonderful effect next to the warm Canaletto Walnut finish, a material that has been chosen by Oikos to complete the result.

The strength of Antolini natural stone, together with Oikos technique and product have created a unique stand which is an amazing example of the creative potentiality of the two brands.

Designed and curated by the architect Andrea Laudini, the exhibition stand wanted to convey Oikos main message. An invitation to explore the boundaries, to believe in a constant improvement, to create new things in order to break away from the ordinary finally giving an architectural and living value to the domestic entrance.

Who’s Antolini

Antolini is the leader in the production of natural stone, absolute avant-garde of the sector.

The mission of the company, founded in 1956 and nowadays active worldwide , is to offer a wide selection of materials characterized by unique colours, finishes and motif.

Obtaining its materials  with passion and intuition from the best mines, the company keeps on proposing new exclusive solutions at the service of the most creative minds and beauty lovers.

Every stone signed by Antolini celebrates nature with its colours, opening to contamination with the world of interior design and décor but also art and fashion.

Among the thousands of natural stones produced by Antolini, the Exclusive Stone Collection – where we can find the Irish Green Marble and the Corteccia quartzite – represents the constant commitment of the company towards its clients and its dedication in creating extraordinary materials.


Marbleised veins of wood give rise to Corteccia. This is an exotic material particularly recommended for interiors, a soft quartzite that is also suitable for exterior use. It recalls the light covering of the trees with its shades and speckles, a natural tribute of stone to the great trees that tell of history and life through their bark.

The color of this soft Brazilian quartzite brings warmth to the whole room, entering in harmony with any furnishings, with hues of coffee or gray through to white, natural wood.

Irish Green

Irish Green is a marble that glorifies in shades of green, displaying uneven colouring and shading that passes from dark to light. Part of the Antolini range, it displays some whitish veins and others in a translucent apple colour that makes this a unique stone in the world. This geologically ancient stone was used by Renaissance architects to bring the colours of the fields and the forests to the splendid palaces they adorned with magnificent works that are still admired today by tourists from around the world. Thanks to its varied veining, Irish Green allows unusual patterns to be created and makes any work absolutely unique and unrepeatable.

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