20 November

Protect your home with style: discover the elegant design security doors by OIKOS.
The perfect combination of design and security.


Interior design security doors: design and security

Interior security doors have been gaining increasing interest in recent years.

Many individuals and professionals are looking for solutions to make their interior spaces safer. Solutions that manage to offer high standards of security and, at the same time, have a sophisticated, high-quality design.

There are many ways of applying this type of door. They can be installed to protect panic rooms or private sleeping areas, inside hotels or professional offices, to separate living spaces from the garage, or as a stairwell.

The primary need for security – embodied with high design solutions – is the common thread linking these applications.


Features of interior security doors

From a purely aesthetic point of view, interior security doors are designed to blend in perfectly with their surroundings. They are characterised by an essential, clean and minimalist design.

The main difference between them and an exterior security door is the thickness of the covering material. The reason for this is purely technical: their purpose is to screen indoor environments without having to withstand external weather conditions (such as light, water, wind, etc.). In this sense, the choice of finishes is also less limited and the customer has the option of choosing from a larger number of coatings and colours.

Another important difference is the weight of the door itself. For the reasons listed above, the door structure is lighter and this has a direct reflection on the product price, which is generally lower.

The Project interior security door

Project by Oikos is the first designer interior security door that reinterprets the concept of interior design and expands it to new horizons.

With its flush or coplanar solutions, it can transform a neutral room into a security room or panic room. It becomes a real interior design element, combining elegance and design with high resistance to burglary, sound and fire.

Project has no obvious aesthetic differences compared to a normal interior door but, on the contrary, enhances the lines and finishes of the surrounding environment, becoming one with it.

It is characterised by a 100° opening resulting from a unique hinge that is completely invisible when the door is closed.

Project can be customised in many ways.

The customer can choose from six different types of cladding (Piano, Fugato, Tekno, Vivo, Solidello and Pantografato lines) and eleven different types of finish (interior wood, textured wood, exterior wood, living wood, lacquered, open-pore lacquered, glossy glass, matt glass, Laminam, aluminium, metallic lacquered and fashion).

Browse through the catalogue to learn more about all the coatings and finishes available for the project interior security door.


– Piano line, Riflessi model, Gravel Grey polished glass 


Project door

– Piano Materico line, Tafira Elm – Internal: Piano line, in polished Laminam Noir Desir

Reinforced doors for panic rooms

One of the main applications of the Project is its use as a panic room door. Panic rooms are real security rooms, located at a specific point in the home (or workplace) that, by virtue of their intrinsic intrusion-proof features, offer safe haven in case of need.

Because of its qualities, the Project interior security door from Oikos is ideal for this use. You can count on: Burglar protection class 3,thermal insulation (1.8 as standard, 1.2 on request) and sound insulation (36 DB as standard, 40 DB on request).

Project doors – thanks to the boiserie system – ensure door-wall continuity and create an unparalleled aesthetic effect and sense of luxury.

Porta blindata per interni Oikos Venezia

Find out more about our Project interior doors. Customise your next designer security door.

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