25 November

Mogliano Veneto: discovering the luxury house winner of the international Luxury Awards 2021

Product: Synua,
Designer: Arch. Filippo Caprioglio
Technical partner: Cetos


The project concerns the complete renovation of a single-family house called Casa F+T+3, located in Mogliano Veneto in the province of Treviso: the work was conceived by architect Filippo Caprioglio, winner of the Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2021, a global award that selects and celebrates the best luxury goods and services around the world.

The building, having a patent contemporary matrix, combines design and architecture taking shape in clean geometric lines, large white spaces, and large windows.

The entrance space leading to the villa is a Synua door (1,500×2,700mm), the elegant safety door with vertical pivot for large size needs.

Highly customizable, Synua was chosen with a nine-sector covering in Okumé RAL lacquered on both the external and the internal side. The central sector houses the elegant horizontal handle on the outer side and a stainless-steel coplanar sliding handle on the inner side. It conveys cleanliness and coplanarity to the door, resulting in a perfectly flush-with-wall solution.

The interior decor features an absolutely contemporary style, devoid of any superfluous elements. The living area is characterized by the natural light that pervades the environment through the large windows; between the entrance and the living room there are the first interposed elements/steps of the staircase that is inserted in the volume suspended from the ground that contains it, freeing the double-height space above the dining area.

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