16 Mai

A priceless treasure – light.

Nowadays everybody knows how deep lighting conditions affect health, mood, well-being, and also the productivity of those who live or work in a given setting. Natural light, indeed, offers a number of benefits compared to artificial light: in addition to significant energy savings, it helps improving the psychological and physiological conditions of all of us, boosting attention, visual comfort, concentration, a regular circadian rhythm, and a good mood.

How to benefit the most from this when designing an entrance?

The expedients that we can adopt to use this enormous, free resource at best are numerous and often extremely simple, but they have to be considered at the design stage. An example? The choice of the door and of the “locking elements” of a building.

Is it better to take into account a totally glazed entrance?

Oikos’s solutions are numerous and versatile, as well as perfect for meeting any needs or aesthetic tastes.

These include Nova, the glass safety door which allows fully glazed entrances to be created, bringing landscapes indoors, and natural light along with them.

Thanks to the standard heat barrier frame, to freely customizable sizes, and to the bullet and shatterproof glass, Nova offers all possible safety without sacrificing aesthetics and atmosphere.

Light, interior spaces and openings without penalizing the beauty of a landscape, the magic of a sunset or the heavenly freshness of a sunrise in a charming mountain resort, for instance.


… or an entrance with side panels?

But if a fully glazed door is not the best solution for a specific context, or simply not exactly what you had in mind, you can still bet on innumerable alternatives: the more discreet, but effective side panel in one side of the door, as shown by the example installation ofSynua, a safety door with vertical pivot operation in Cheshire, UK:


or a double side panel similar to the solution adopted for a villa in Cupertino, California, USA:


and in Amman, Jordan:


or another installation combining a double side panel with a transom window, as in the Evolution door model which was chosen for the residences within the Dreamland luxury complex in Azerbaijan:


Under the light of dreams

Oikos’s proposals are so many, all developed to offer safety and comfort, combined with the pleasure to opt for a solution which, in addition to ensuring performance and functional excellence, also turns into a fine furniture item, an ad-hoc architectural project chosen to fully cater to the needs of architects, designers and customers in general.

We at Oikos Venezia process materials with craftsmanship and industrial organization to give shape to dreams.

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