28 juillet

“Redentore” 2023 Oikos Experience: culture and architecture, a two days journey of magnificent discoveries in our unique and special country.

On July 2023 the exclusive event Oikos Experience “Redentore” went on scene, it was dedicated to the “extended” Oikos Family in order to give visibility and constancy to one of our crucial values: people. More specifically, we are talking about colleagues, the engine and heart of the company, and also a group of suppliers, architects, customers, technical centers and an international media partner group, a total amount of 200 guests.

Oikos Redentore

The event is every year customized due to give each time a unique experience to the guests. This is a particular way to feel the company with an adventure into the places of Venetian culture and the enchanting setting of Venice lagoon, enjoying the art of the Murano glass masters and the final fireworks show.

The first day was dedicated to the international media partner, who had the opportunity to experience the local areas where the company works. The architecture journey on Palladio and Scarpa’s “trails” started from Villa Barbaro, a Palladio’s conception country house based into the green Venetian countryside. Then, the next step was the fascinating visit to the Gypsoteca Canoviana, a without equal art heritage which contains the plaster models of the works of Antonio Canova. The last stage of the first cultural day was the Brion Memorial, a masterpiece of modern architecture designed by Carlo Scarpa considered a synthesis of the Venetian architect artistic career.

The significant Lagoon experience was the core of the following day, discovering the colorful Burano and a suggestive walk in Murano, experiencing its excellence with the memorable show of the glass artists. That was an extraordinary opportunity to catch the details of glassblowing, experience unique emotions and being amazed by the characteristic of the manufacturing techniques.

Going back to San Marco basin there was the breathtaking moment of the journey, the fireworks show of Festa Del Redentore, which illuminates the lagoon with lights and magic.

To conclude, this was a two day of culture and enjoying moment, an adventure that made our mind free and gave the chance to admire the artistic and architecting heritage the company is constantly part of. Oikos demonstrates a continuum in carrying on the importance of culture and valuing people, both emblem of company’s identity and fundament of Oikos growth path without limits.

Relive the journey: watch the video

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