13 septembre, 2023

Oikos Venezia at Hamburg Architect@Work!

Oikos Venezia will be present with its unique and innovative products at Architect@Work, the international event dedicated to experts in the architecture and furniture sector. The series of meetings reserved for architects, interior designers, designers and planners will take place on September 13th and 14th in Hamburg, the first of the events the Company wants to […]
31 août, 2023

Modern Security Doors: ideas and inspirations

Explore the combination of contemporary design and security with OIKOS modern armored doors. Discover ideas and inspirations to transform your entrance. Modern security doors: ideas and inspirations The entrance to your home is the indisputable calling card of your home. Safety and design have become the most sought-after features. Modern security doors the consequent choice. […]
28 juillet, 2023

“Redentore” 2023 Oikos Experience: culture and architecture

“Redentore” 2023 Oikos Experience: culture and architecture, a two days journey of magnificent discoveries in our unique and special country. On July 2023 the exclusive event Oikos Experience “Redentore” went on scene, it was dedicated to the “extended” Oikos Family in order to give visibility and constancy to one of our crucial values: people. More […]
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