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The successful summer tour of ‘Osteria dell’Architetto’ has come to an end. We’ll see you in September! 

The summer tour of the successful « Osteria dell’Architetto – cultura del saper fare » promoted by Oikos Venezia in collaboration with Casabella Formazione and ProViaggiArchitettura ended Wednesday 19th of June , at Villa Bucci (AN).

This well-known event brings together architects from all over Italy for an unmissable gathering of professionals in the architectural, industrial, and enogastronomic worlds. 

It’s a blend of skills, Know-how, and tradition of the territory that highlights the priceless heritage of our Made in Italy

The first 10 stages of the tour witnessed over 1,000 architects coming together in iconic locations representing Italian wine-making tradition, which provided a picturesque setting for the event. 

Around a beautiful table set, in a convivial atmosphere, discussions unfolded over traditional local dishes paired with wines from the hosting estate. 

The quintessential ‘stage’ was the Osteria’s counter itself, where international architects and successful entrepreneurs converged, all guided by the mantra of the ‘culture of know-how.’ 

Where did the ‘Osteria dell’Architetto’ lead us? 

We crossed the north and central Italy, met architects, producers, oenologists, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts of the local territory.

Here are the highlights from May and June 2024:

  • May 28: Convento dell’Annunciata in Franciacorta, Franciacorta (BS) with MAP studio Magnani Pelzel Architetti Associati
  • May 29: Cantina Ceresé, Montevecchia (LC) with Studiopizzi
  • June 3: Cantina Pizzolato, Treviso (TV) with MADE associati studio
  • June 4: Cantina Gorgo, Custoza (VR) with Bricolo Falsarella architect
  • June 10: Palazzo Tozzoni, Imola (BO) with bergmeisterwolf studio
  • June 11: Agenzia di Pollenzo, Fraz. Pollenzo – Bra (CN) with Stefano Pujatti architect
  • June 12: Nals Margreid, Nalles (BZ) with Markus Scherer architect
  • June 17: Tenuta di Artimino, Carmignano (PO) with Werner Tscholl architect
  • June 18: Terre Margaritelli, Miralduolo di Torgiano (PG) with Alvisi Kirimoto architect
  • June 19: Villa Bucci, Ostra Vetere (AN) with Andrea Oliva architect

The September stops

 ‘Osteria dell’Architetto’ will resume its tour in September with the last 5 unmissable stops:

  • September 10: Tenuta Principe Alberico, Rome (RM) with Labics studio
  • September 11: Feudi di San Gregorio, Avellino (AV) with Zitomori studio
  • September 12: Torrevento, Corato (BA) with Onsitestudio
  • September 17: Cantina Graci, Castiglione di Sicilia (CT) with ACA Amore Campione Architettura studio
  • September 19: Palazzo Butera, Palermo (PA) with Gianmatteo Romegialli architect


The great final event will be held on October 4th at our headquarters in Gruaro, Ve with a surprising evening.

Please note that the events are designed for architects, grants 2 CFP (Continuing Professional Development credits), and are free until capacity is reached, requiring mandatory sign-up via the ProviaggiArchitettura website.

We look forward to welcoming you to “Osteriadell’Architetto”!

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