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We invest time and resources in the pursuit of innovation and improvement, so that we can be sure that we are always offering the highest level of performance and technology for our armoured entrance doors and their production process. In this regard, we can announce the birth of Tekno 3TT, the entrance door with concealed hinges in the thermal break version: Oikos Venezia thus achieves its goal of having its entire product range available with this highly valuable feature.



Oikos armoured doors with thermal break: a step towards eco-sustainability

Let us first define the concept of thermal break: this is a technological solution that allows the interior to be separated from the exterior, interrupting the thermal conductivity of the window and limiting the condensation effect. This system is combined with insulation (a technique for insulating one system with different thermal-acoustic conditions from another) inside the door, which must be made of high-performance insulating materials, thus ensuring greater comfort and energy efficiency for your home.

Among its advantages, the adoption of a thermal break entrance door therefore results in a lower need for energy to heat or cool the living space and, consequently, this ensures a lower emission of greenhouse gases, resulting in a significant reduction in environmental impact.

Over the years we have gradually integrated the thermal break system into our security doors, going so far as to now have the entire product range available with this important feature. With the implementation of thermal break also for the Tekno entrance door line, we can say that the company’s commitment to the pursuit of eco-sustainability has been fully maintained.

We have always been strongly committed to promoting environmental sustainability through our products and production processes. We believe it is our responsibility to make a difference and work towards a greener future for future generations. In order to achieve this goal, we have adopted sustainable practices at every stage of the manufacturing process, going so far as to develop features such as thermal break, designed to help consumers reduce their impact on the environment, while at the same time promoting energy savings in their homes.


Advantages of thermal break doors: thermal insulation and condensation reduction

Each Oikos entrance solution with a thermal break frame and sash is composed of a series of gaskets and insulating materials that, placed inside the door, prevent the dispersion of the temperature inside the house to the outside. However, the design of the armoured door remains a central aspect, as it is in no way affected by the planned modifications to implement the thermal break functionality for the sash and frame of the armoured door

Looking more closely at the technical aspect of thermal break doors, first of all it should be specified that, in order to avoid thermal bridging in the frame, Oikos makes this fundamental element of the door with steel profiles, to which a rigid polyurethane foam with high thermal insulation property is interposed, allowing the thermal break of the metal part in the frame.

To further prevent the phenomenon of heat transmission, the aluminium sheets are also ‚interrupted‘ by a rod of Polyamide, a special plastic material that here prevents the phenomenon of external condensation when there are large temperature differences between the inside and outside of the house (this is typical during the coldest periods of the year). In this case, the sash has low-density polyurethane foam internally with high insulating performance; externally, on the other hand, vacuum-packed micro-nano glass fibre mats are inserted, which drastically reduce the escape of heat through the sash, considerably increasing thermal insulation. In addition, the perimeter gasket between the sash and the frame stops internal temperature dispersion through the joints, which are made of rubber or silicone, substances that guarantee excellent resistance in this respect. In short, a door with a thermal door sash and frame is able to break down thermal conductivity, greatly limiting the condensation effect

Telaio a taglio termico

Armoured door with thermal break frame and sash: a focus on Tekno 3TT

As previously announced, with the introduction of Tekno in the thermal break version, Oikos Venezia can guarantee this important functionality for its entire range of armoured entrance doors.

Let us now look specifically at how Tekno 3TT is composed in its various technical aspects. The door with the Tekno concealed hinges, with the implementation of the thermal break system, has a frame made using a 20/10 closed-section tubular profile covered on two sides with two 11.5 mm-thick solid wood blocks. To ensure the rebate between sash and frame, a 40/10 plate is finally fixed to the outer side of the frame. As with all other armoured door models in the thermal break version, the presence of Polyamide interrupts the aluminium covering of the sash and frame, counteracting the principle of metal heat conduction. Before going any further, it must be specified that polyamide is a plastic material that not only prevents the dispersion of heat from the inside to the outside of the house, but also serves to prevent the phenomenon of condensation that is created on the outside of a window or door, especially during the coldest periods of the year. The external panel of the door remains with a thickness of 14 mm, but with Tekno TT we can see a considerable improvement in thermal transmittance, i.e. the quantity of heat that a material allows to pass through it in a unit of time, per unit of surface area and per unit of temperature difference between the two sides of the material; if with the basic version of Tekno we have 1.2 W/m2K (the unit of measurement of thermal transmittance), in its thermal break version we reach at 1.0 W/m2K. In addition, Tekno 3TT then provides the option of installing the front door with a 51mm thermal sidelight, which can keep thermal transmittance values very low compared to the regular Tekno model. In addition, although the starting frame is completely overhauled, Tekno TT ensures burglar-proof Class 3, with an acoustic performance that remains at 42 decibels (dB). 

Disegno tecnico Tekno 3TT

The greatest asset of this door is undoubtedly its ability to combine high technical performance with the design typical of the Tekno model, characterised by concealed hinges in the frame and the absence of screws in the sash and frame cover profiles.

Tekno 3TT: the meeting of technical and aesthetic quality

One can conclude that Tekno TT simply represents the wonderful combination of design, security and energy efficiency in a single entrance door. Ultimately, the birth of the Tekno model in the thermal break version is for Oikos Venezia the fundamental step that allows the company to achieve full eco-sustainability for all the types of entrance doors it has produced over its 30-year history.


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