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Explore the combination of contemporary design and security with OIKOS modern armored doors. Discover ideas and inspirations to transform your entrance.

Modern security doors: ideas and inspirations

The entrance to your home is the indisputable calling card of your home. Safety and design have become the most sought-after features. Modern security doors the consequent choice.

No longer the sole bearer of security at the expense of aesthetics, but a perfect blend of design and performance that provides the homeowner with the peace of mind they seek, dressed in exquisite beauty. One unexpectedly finds oneself associating security, design and modernity with security doors, and it is thus that the aesthetic side becomes complementary to the functional side.


With Oikos security doors, security and performance are combined with design and extreme customisation. The outcome is true entrance architecture that makes the façade unique, a design excellence complete with all the security components to protect the entrance to your home. 


Basic characteristics of a security door

Among the most important aspects to take into account when choosing a security door is its anti-thief class. There are different classes, numbered from 1 to 6 according to the resistance the door can provide, 5 and 6 being the strongest. It should be specified, however, that these are suitable for the maximum protection of non-residential environments such as banks, watch shops, jewellery stores, military environments and embassies. Classes 3 and 4 that characterise Oikos security doors are higher security standards required for the protection of large residential areas and individual housing units.


In addition to this, one must also look at the insulation, both thermal and acoustic. A good security door guarantees adequate insulation, hence greater comfort in the home and also higher energy savings

Insulation covers various atmospheric agents: from air, water, wind and fire to hurricanes. The performances that distinguish Oikos doors are airtightness (doors available in classifications 2 to 4, which indicate the ability to prevent the passage of air), watertightness (measured in classes 0 to 9), and wind resistance, which refers to the safety door’s mechanical resistance to gusts of wind (Oikos doors have a C4 classification, one of the best on the market as they can be subjected to very little deformation even with a significant wind load).

Two other benefits to be taken into account are flame resistance (on request, the security door can also be equipped with this certification) and hurricane resistance (via the ‚missile test‘) and the impact of debris caused by violent and continuous extreme wind cycles.

In addition, modern security doors are real technological elements; the latest models have advanced options and functions, such as remote opening and closing systems with a smartphone or fingerprint reader.

Oikos Venezia porte blindate


Ideas and inspirations

Oikos offers multiple product lines ready to meet the most varied needs of its customers. Some of the best modern security doors include: Synua, Nova and Tekno.

Synua, the vertical pivot door for large entrances

The iconic security door of the Oikos world is Synua the entrance door that knows no limits, ideal for large entrances, and is a perfect combination of technology and design. Equipped with a vertical pivot opening and coplanar to the wall, the modern Synua has a security class 3 rating and is therefore among the most burglary-resistant doors. A suitable solution for buildings or dwellings with a medium-high class requirement.

Porta blindata a bilico moderne Synua

It is a modern security door with an unquestionable design, studied and designed to follow the trends of contemporary living. In addition, in terms of electronics, it is state-of-the-art, designed to allow maximum refinement of movement, and has a management system due to the Oikos Arckey App.


Nova, the glazed pivot door

A second type of modern security door is Nova: this is a glazed pivot door architecturally spectacular because it creates a continuum between the inside and outside, inviting the gaze over the threshold and bringing the landscape inside, and vice versa. It would seem strange to associate glass with a security door as the latter might give the impression of greater fragility. However, thanks to technology, there is the possibility of using thermal, bulletproof and sledgehammer-resistant glass that provides greater resistance to blows and impacts, creating a real security barrier. The Nova security door is offered with a class 3 ant-thief resistance rating.

Porte-Blindate-Moderne Oikos Venezia

Great attention in the Nova  auminium profile is paid to colours. Not just trendy colour shades, but a real colour design study based on the integration of the entrance door with the surrounding landscape. The collection features 11 carefully selected finishes to match the dominant colours and textures of different contexts.


Tekno, the security door with concealed hinges

Tekno is a combination of innovation and technology that fits perfectly into modern architectural designs. It is the safety door with concealed hinges characterised by high-end performance (including EI 90 or EI120 fire resistance). It allows a 100° opening, which results from a unique hinge that is completely invisible when the door is closed. It is a special quality that allows design to express a new sense of rigour and essentiality, enhancing line and finish.

Porte-Blindate-Moderne TEKNO

Aluminium finished in brushed steel covers the frame and door profile, so no screws are visible, this detail guarantees complete cleanliness and refined aesthetics.

As with Synua, the modern security door Tekno door-wall continuity system, a boiserie system to create walls that share the same aesthetic concept. Consisting of modular sections that can be covered with different materials, this proposal creates scenic wall panels. A ‚wall-door‘ that combines a scenic-aesthetic effect with security, elegance and protection.



Modern security doors have an increasingly refined design that complements their security and functionality features

Oikos is prominently positioned in this area to provide its customers with an extremely safe, exclusive and aesthetically pleasing product. In an environment where security and design are increasingly intertwined, Oikos emerges offering modern security doors that balance security and aesthetics in an exemplary manner. Choosing an Oikos product means embracing the essence of modern elegance, with highly customised solutions for every type of requirement

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