3 Juli

The Company and the Opera: A Unifying Passion


The return of the great Opera to Oikos Venezia is a recurring event that provides an opportunity for cultural enrichment and sharing.

Everything begins on a summer evening, on Saturday, June 29th, in an exceptional setting, the stage of the Verona Arena. Oikos Venezia and Turandot, the two protagonists united by the common value of Passion.

The Opera, with its emotional intensity and ability to narrate universal stories, is a powerful vehicle of passion. This same passion is present in the daily life of the company, enabling it to create and produce unique and dedicated entrance architectures every day.

The products created are infused with the energy each person puts into their work, and when done with passion, the results naturally reflect this care and attention.

“A lezione d’Opera”

The evening began with an in-depth session with tenor Miro Solman at the company’s headquarters, offering a comprehensive lesson on the magical and mysterious plot of Giacomo Puccini’s Opera ‘Turandot’, thus preparing the audience for the performance.

It was a genuine opportunity to engage with the opera, known for its ability to touch the deepest chords of the soul. Its power is well recognized, and its value immense, making it one of the finest examples of Made in Italy.

All Oikos Venezia collaborators were able to immerse themselves in this extraordinary atmosphere, enriching their personal experiences, stimulating curiosity, and fostering the ability to think outside the box.

The power of art and culture for a company lies in the potential to broaden perspectives, create bridges between different disciplines, and blend knowledge.

“Fade, oh night! Set, stars! Set, stars! At dawn, I will win!”

The opera is set in Beijing, in a mythical “time of fables”. The princess Turandot, isolated because of the spirit of an ancestor who was violated and killed, feels horror towards men. However, fate will soften her heart, and a kiss will seal the love between her and Calaf, a deposed Tartar prince.

Puccini’s last opera, heartwarming and passionate, is one of the most beautiful love fables. Among the most famous arias is “Nessun dorma”, sung by Calaf in Act III, where he expresses his determination to win Turandot’s heart. The famous verse “at dawn I will win” underlines his hope and confidence in love’s triumph. “Nessun dorma” has become a symbol of “Made in Italy” for its lyrical beauty and musical excellence, representing Italian art and culture in the world.

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