SYNUA  Safety pivot door and TEKNO Safety door with concealed hinges

A villa surrounded by a breathtaking view, characterized by large windows and bright spaces; Synua and Tekno mark the entrance

Arch. Sonia Ferretto
Private user
Anno progetto
Pescara, Italy
Anno completamento

The project

The property benefits from a magnificent view, overlooking the Pescara hills.

The desire of embracing nature, of capturing all the stunning beauty of the surrounding area is the key concept that regulates entire structure.

The project consists of a compact volume, supporting a grid pattern. The receding façade leaves space for a wide and long terrace that transforms into a real gallery to the upper level, where the rhythm of shapes is maintained with a game of shadows and movement of two not-linear pillars, along with the space decor.

The wide terrace stretches out into the open, increasing exposure by the pool.
The massive windows capture the light, offering strategic point of views to enjoy the gentle hills that calm the soul, transforming this home into a privileged location of serenity and well-being.

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