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Take a look at these sumptuous villa entrance doors, featuring a refined design and conceived to secure your home. Let’s now discover together all the luxury entrance door solutions that Oikos Venezia provides for the entrance area of your home.

Luxury Entry door - Oikos


A luxurious entrance gate for villas

Modern safety doors must be ideal for all sizes: this need is met by the monumental Synua door, the model with pivoting opening and coplanar with the wall that conveys a great deal of freedom in terms of size.

Designed by Oikos, this type of designer doors can reach up to 3000 mm in width and 6200 mm in height, and even larger sizes upon request, thus being able to become a perfect entrance gate for your villa.

Entrance gate for villas Oikos


Modern fully glazed safety doors

Among the various luxury entrance door solutions, Nova, the oversized fully glazed safety door capable of establishing, with its inherent characteristics, a constant dialogue between the interior and exterior of the house, should also be considered without a doubt.

These are design doors with important technical performance that can be requested with custom sizes according to the dimensions you desire.

Modern safety doors Oikos


Designer entrance doors with concealed hinges

In this private villa in the countryside of Ostuni, you can see a shining example of a custom-designed Tekno villa safety door, conceived, in this case, to best adapt to the rural Apulian landscape and architecture.

Tekno is presented as a range of refined modern safety doors that, being equipped with concealed hinges, once the door is closed, allows to focus one’s gaze solely on the elegant and refined design of the entrance space.

Designer entrance doors


Interior design doors

When it comes to interior design doors, Project, the interior safety door that combines great aesthetic research with excellent break-in, acoustic and fire resistance performance, should definitely be mentioned.

Special attention is paid here to interior design: the armored doors for villas of this type become an authentic interior design solution thanks to their flush with wall or coplanar systems, capable of converting an ordinary room into a safe room.

Interior design doors Oikos


Fully customizable custom-sized safety doors

The desire to fully customize your entrance space finds its ultimate fulfillment with the Evolution designer doors line, the entry solution that can meet all your customization requests.

In the image, for example, you can see an extraordinary custom-made safety door designed to faithfully recreate the neo-Gothic style gate of the Christchurch Mansion Museum in Ipswich, integrating also the ultimate break-in, acoustic and fire-resistance performance of Oikos-branded luxury entrance doors.

Customizable custom-sized safety doors


Luxury entrance doors with sliding opening

Vela is the enchanting type of modern safety doors with sliding opening that can go all the way to the ceiling, turning into a mobile architectural element.

The result is a perfect entrance door for villas, which can be convenient both to divide the rooms in an original way and as a door with a safety function; it can be really useful, for example, in case you want to regulate access to a private area of your home.

Luxury entrance doors Oikos


Oikos, safety doors customized for you

You have just discovered in brief the nature of the six lines of luxury entrance doors developed by Oikos over its 30-year history. There is one aspect in particular, however, that all these types of safety doors have in common: security and performance, on the one hand, meeting design and maximum customization, on the other.

Custom-sized safety doors Oikos


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