11 octubre

Doors are now a key design element within the space they are designed for. They have become almost primary in the aesthetics of an environment: they characterise entrances, which have become true works of architecture, and every other room in homes, offices and commercial spaces. A combination of elegance, luxury and functionality, Oikos classic doors are ideal for those who are considering renovating their home spaces or are planning a new home and looking for fine solutions. It is a timeless style that can be adapted to any furnishing solution. Here are some tips for choosing the best classic luxury door for your home.

Porte classiche di lusso

Luxury classic doors: how to make the right choice

An excellent door must satisfy not only aesthetic design requirements, an essential but not sufficient element, but also specific functional characteristics, in order to offer a complete product of the highest standard.

Aesthetic criteria

From the aesthetic point of view, design is definitely to be taken into consideration, understood both as the harmonization that is created between the door and everything that includes the entrance, and how the installation becomes one with the interior and the exterior. Proposing to the customer a flush wall solution that gives continuity to the interior or exterior wall, or both, is a feature that gives uniqueness and distinctive value to the company presenting it.

In addition, another criterion is the concept of modernity, which goes hand in hand with design and includes the following categories. When choosing a luxury door, consideration must be given to the material used (a luxury door must be made of high quality materials) and at the same time to the finishes and coatings available, in order to make the entrance a true work of architecture.

This is the strength of Oikos, the ability to create a highly customisable door that can be adapted to any type of context.


Functional criteria

Complementing the aesthetic part are the functional features, even with reference to the latter there are some basic criteria that the customer takes into consideration when purchasing a quality and luxury door.

These include resistance, which concerns both resistance to atmospheric agents (such as air, water, wind, fire, and sometimes for certain types of doors even hurricane) and the type of insulation that is provided. For example, acoustic insulation, which provides significant noise reduction, or thermal insulation, understood as the performance of the door (which divides two rooms with even very different climatic conditions) in insulating and providing greater comfort and energy savings.

Not to be overlooked is security, which is fundamental to the different standards required for the protection of residential environments and individual units. Class 3 or 4 armored doors prove to be able to protect the safety of the dwelling’s occupants.

Last but not least is the issue of optional extras, which could be considered as a «hybrid» between the two categories for the very reason that it is something appreciated both aesthetically (synonymous with modernity, design, and cutting-edge technology, for example, the fingerprint reader or the touch keyboard) and functionally (the extreme convenience of controlling the door remotely via an app for example).

Porte Classiche Oikos

The classic luxury door Evolution

The Evolution is the Oikos proposal for luxury classic doors, an ever-present product in the market because of its dynamism in adapting to customers’ needs and thus to the different environments it is later placed in. Oikos has the ability to develop several customised models of Evolution, which is therefore available in several lines (Flat, Fugato, Tekno, Vivo, Solidello, Pantografato) and with a wide range of finishes, including classic wood, lacquer, laminam and aluminium.

Porte classiche di lusso

The different forms of Evolution

One of the distinguishing features of Oikos luxury doors is the availability of different shapes, and this is also the case with Evolution. The single door is a refined and sophisticated option for enhancing entrances with a touch of timeless elegance. Evolution doors can then be made multi-panel, with the possibility of adding a sidelight (also double) and fanlight (rectangular or arched).

Evolution, a look at optional extras and performance

A number of optional extras can also be applied to the Evolution luxury door, including the Arckey system for remote door control operated via the Oikos Tech App. In addition, the Arckey system includes as a complementary system to the door opening the use of the Oikos Card, which is attached directly to the door leaf

From a performance point of view, Oikos offers several alternatives in terms of security, insulation, resistance. Regarding the former, an Evolution class 3 burglary-resistant door is provided (a class 4 is also available upon request), among the highest security standards for the protection of large residential environments and individual housing units.

Also in terms of security, Evolution doors have the option of incorporating armoured glass, including glass fanlights and sidelights coupled with Oikos doors. Only double-certified bullet-proof and armour-proof, double-glazed and accident-prevention double-pane glass is always used.

Also crucial are thermal insulation and wind resistance, where Evolution can be made with an insulated frame and leaf, with an exponential reduction in heat exchange between inside and outside.

Luxury classic doors: discover our models

The world of Oikos luxury classic doors is almost endless, just because the high customization of the product allows the customer to visualize the right door for their space and then on each occasion request a different product. Evolution is a concrete example that adapts to all kinds of situations, discover it and ask for more information.

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